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    Welcome to our sponsors page.

Here you will see those who have gone above and beyond the call in support of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Merced. Our hats are off to all.  

Over the years The Kiwanis Club of Greater Merced has held many fund raisers to supplement those funds raised through ongoing efforts at , which is our primary source of revenue.

This page is dedicated to the recognize those companies and individuals who have contributed to the success of our mission by affording us the opportunity to provide for the children in our community during the current year with donations through RIDE sponsorships and generous contributions to The Kiwanis Club of Greater Merced..

Please keep in mind this list is not all inclusive, Others have made significant contributions through time and material. They are listed on sponsors board in .

2015  sponsors include:

  • Susan Albertoni
    Attorney at Law
    2808 Park Ave. Merced, Ca., 95348