Web Site Launch


Kiwanis Club of Greater Merced welcomes you to our web site. We implemented this site several years ago to provide information about our club to new members, and YOU, perspective members and guests.

With more people finding information on the web daily, we felt that it would be a benefit having this site.

Our Home page contains links to all the informational pages on our site, start there to look at everything we have to offer. We have two FB pages linked from the Home page.

Our Activities Calendar contains meeting times, location, information  about upcoming events and guest speakers.

Our Sponsors page provides information about those companies or individuals who met the requirements for Ride Sponsorships for the year. They have their logos placed on the this page in reciprocation for their Sponsorship. You too can have your company logo placed here for selecting a Kiddieland Ride to sponsor. 

Visit our page to see the six kids attractions we offer one weekends. Kiddieland opens on a Saturday in late March and remains operating on weekends only through the weekend before Halloween in October. Kiddieland is CLOSED three times a year: Easter Sunday, Mothers Day, and the weekend the Merced County Fair is open.

Catch up on Club News by reading past issues of The ECHO. Visiting the News page. Find other items of interest there too; our Party flyer is located there along with other important files, Sponsorship forms, Race to the Kiddieland Train registration forms, Kiddieland schedules and a host of other items of interest. If you look and don't find what you're looking for email the webmaster

If you're interested in club leadership, take a look at the Officers page.

Our Links page gives you a look at several different Kiwanis programs you may find interesting?

Take a look at our Community Links to see what is important to our club and maybe to you?

We have a few Committees that you might find interesting, check them out.

The Information page is the place to go to find information about the Kiwanis Club of Greater Merced. Email the President or Webmaster. 

We hope you check out our site and welcome your feedback. Feel free to send us an email with your thoughts or, even better, join us for a meeting!